Wednesday, July 20, 2011

married bliss.

So, after a short whirlwind weekend of wedding stress and beauty (note that lovely alliteration!), I am back home again, once more.

Corrine was stunning. Jesse was adorable. The weather was sweltering.

Seriously, I'm talking groomsmen, bridesmaids, the entire audience just streaming. Pouring. Practically RAINING sweat from their very pores.

Please enjoy my new favorite song from Fleet Foxes' album, Helplessness Blues.

Unfortunately the wedding pictures are not up yet (ARRGGGGGG!!!) but isn't this a pretty store?

Pino Branding, via Black*Eiffel.

(I don't actually know what branding means, or why there's a whole store dedicated to it. But this is not a democracy, and I say I'm allowed to post things I don't understand! Aha!)

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