Saturday, February 19, 2011

bon weekend! or rather: bienvenidos al Perú!

This is a post dedicated to my bes fran Dani. Ain't she gorgeous? I'm not even saying that because I took this fabulous picture.

Dani is studying abroad in Peru. She was there for one semester, and then came home for the Peruvian break, and just arrived back for her second semester today.

Fun facts about Dani:
1. She's an incredible Spanish speaker.

2. She wants to help adult non-native speakers learn English, and has already been paid to do so. So yeah. She's pretty good at it.

3. She comes from a Mennonite background. (Do you mind my sharing that, hon? I just really love that I have a Mennonite friend.)

4. She doesn't like chocolate desserts. Or candy. (I know... I had a hard time accepting that one, too.)

5. She's a serious crochet-er. Seriously. She made these:

6. She thinks hard. One of my very favorite qualities about Dani is that she takes a very balanced view of things and isn't easily swayed by glittery arguments or manipulative statistics. She's compassionate and level-headed.

7. She has a blog, too! It puts mine to shame.

Say a prayer for her :) La amo mucho.


  1. I'm famous! And, bonus, I also have an awesomely awesome friend who loves me more than I deserve.

  2. I agree, Mennonites are incredibly cool. Props to you Dani for getting into that. Melissa, you really need to join in on the Anabaptist Bandwagon! (that could be a name for a band actually)

  3. Haha, you're right! I'm totally starting a band called Anabaptist Bandwagon now.