Thursday, February 24, 2011


As you might have guessed, I think a lot about what I'd like my future home to look like. One thing I've decided is that I want a lot of plants. While I love the variations of the New England seasons, the winters really get me down with the lack of sunlight and outdoor time. Solution: bring outdoors indoors! Not so much help with the vitamin D, but somewhere some study said once that plants improve people's moods. I'll take their word for it.

At the same time, I've never owned a plant, but I strike myself as someone who would not be good with them. Forgetful, easily distracted, busy, etc. Second solution: succulents!

Aren't they GORGEOUS? Plus most of them only have to be watered once a week and don't need tons of sunlight.

I found them all on the Etsy shop Succulents Galore. The prices look reasonable; I might start saving up for some cuttings to either give away as part of little Easter gifts, or to transplant into cheapie pots for my room here.


  1. let's do it! i want plants for our room :)

  2. We were gonna do herbs for our apartment next year...but with you and all your faraway plans....

  3. Kait: yes let's! you should look at the website and see if there's any you particularly like and then i'll order them.

    Dani: ahhhh, the guilt, i can't take it! :( i'll grow herbs in Oregon and we can compare notes at least...

  4. I bought a Hyacinth for my room :) I am very proud of myself, it's actually growing!

  5. Sweet! I added 'em to my Etsy wish list.

  6. I love this. The atmosphere in a room can reaaaally set your mindset and mood, like it or not.