Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the dreaded v.

day, that is. Yep. Even my church is in on it. Last Sunday, they announced that two of the members of the congregation would be hosting a wine and chocolate party at their house for Valentine's Day, and all the adults let out a cheer.

One of them turned to me conspiratorially and said I could come if I wanted.

But since I am neither attached nor 21, I'll probably be chilling with my single friends, gorging on our own chocolate. Maybe we'll go see Blue Valentine. I heard its depiction of marriage is depressing enough to make being single look like the best thing ever.

Maybe I'll even make these Whole Wheat Chocolate Brown Sugar Sugar Cookies from Joy the Baker.

Whoa yeah. That's what I need. Some good ole fashioned whole wheat lovin.


  1. I'm too lazy to go to church anymore because I have to walk up a hill, but I remember going their once (with my mum) and eating heart shaped muffins. They were yummy :)

    This Valintines day my single friend and I (who also happens to be single) are buying each other chocolate and being each other's valintines. In a totally normal friendship way, just incase you were wondering :))

  2. I <3 Joy the Baker. I saw this and got really excited. :)